Can FOSTA-SESTA Affect Sugar Daddy Industry?

On April 11, 2018, President Donald Trump passed and legalized the law on the suppression of enabling sex trafficking and the fight against online sex trafficking (also know as FOSTA-SESTA). Some benefits the government wants to get from the law is that stop the evil behavior of sexual transactions in certain extent. This not only affect online sugar daddy dating platform, but also other online dating platforms.

Privacy experts highlighted one of the problems with the law. They are worried about the law will not only affect the services of sex workers, but also criminalize their services. The act also amended section 230, which previously exempted the online platform from civil liability for acts committed by users.

In the past, the site owners were not responsible for any actions of site users. For instance, if you threaten someone on an online dating site, you will be responsible for the threat as a user on that site, but for the site owners who are no need to be responsible for the legally liable because they cannot control what people post on site. It will violate the privacy of users. Now, based on new FOSTA-SESTA law which will no longer be the safe harbor for website owners. Every site owner will bear the corresponding legal responsibilities when there are illegal acts.

How sugar daddy online dating industry will be affected?
For those who still dont know what the law means, they even think that wont affect the prostitution on the Internet. Some social media platforms may be affected because of the adult contents or other potentially service. But now the big problem that people should face to is what does this mean for sugar daddy dating industry online. There is no clearly define the difference between consensual sex, arrangement or human trafficking under the law. Looking for arrangement or company may no longer be possible, as well as sugar daddy dating, at least not legally.

There is such a terms of service on the leading sugar daddy websites, such as and, prostitution was completely prohibited. Although like this, all sugar daddy apps was removed by Apple in its store on May 27, 2018. It also means sugar daddy apps are not allowed on APP Store any more. If you still want to use such kind of app, Android APPs are available.

In order to comply with the law, sugar daddy websites also revised their terms of service and privacy policy, so that is able to adapt to the new law. Therefore, sugar daddy site owners ask their staff re-validate and review the profiles of all users on their websites.

What is the next?
There is no doubt that the new law does affect sugar daddy dating sites. But this does not mean that online dating and arrangement dating fields will die. As the owner of the website, all you should persuade government agencies that your websites are not regarded as illegal under the law of FOSTA-SESTA. And you must also ensure that you are against the illegal actions on your sites.

Most sugar babies are college female students, the expensive education fee drive them become a sugar baby. If no sugar daddys financial support, there is hardly chances to finish their school work. Sugar daddy website maybe a lifeguard for these students in some sense. 


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