Choosing a Particular Type of Sugar Baby in Arrangement Dating

What kind of sugar baby is best for you? This is one question that most sugar daddies struggle with when they finally step into the adventurous world of sugar baby dating.

Well, you have to understand that there are different types of sugar babies in the sugar bowl. Deciding beforehand the type that you would rather spend on will save you so much time and troubles going forward.

Top sugar baby sites boast millions of users, with sugar babies making up more than half of these users. Will you rather crawl your way through this mammoth crowd and go on dates with thousands of sugar babies just to choose one or two?

To save you the troubles, we have compiled a list of the different kinds of sugar babies. Be sure to decide on the class you would rather settle for and when you eventually choose a particular type, it is critical you ask targeted questions to ascertain if potential sugar babies fall into this type.

  1. Small Town Babies – All for the Gift
This group of sugar babies is perfect if you do not want to spend heavily on allowances. They appreciate the smallest of gifts. This class consists mostly of young girls who are eager to leave their roots and explore the world. They just want the luxury of life. They want to see places and buy clothes and have fun. They are very satisfied with the little they get.

  1. College Babies – All for the Money
Sugar babies in college are usually here for the money. They are not looking for love or any relationship. They just need someone to pay off college loans and give them the luxury life. These class of sugar babies is perfect if you need one to spend much time with you because college babies are eager to please their sugar. They have all the time and they will do anything to please you. It is all for the money!

  1. Business-Oriented Babies – Mentor me Baby
It may sound absurd but not all sugar babies are there because they can’t fend for themselves. Some sugar babies are business minded. They either have a business plan they are trying to kick off or a career goal they need a mentor for. So, they find wealthy men established in similar filed and learn a few tips from them. He becomes more like a mentor to them. Notwithstanding, these ladies are open to gifts and cash. But the difference is that they are very well capable of catering for themselves. They are not just here for the money!

  1. Mom Babies – Support me Baby
To be a single parent kinda suck! This class of sugar babies consists of those who already have a kid or two and are looking for an extra source of income to support her family. She will definitely not be there all the time because of her kids. Taking her for a long vacation may also be a problem because of the kids. However, these are individual issues you will have to agree upon from the onset.

  1. Pro Babies – I know it All
This class of sugar babies is not ideal for new sugar daddies. Why? It is because they have been here way longer than you. They have met the high and mighty in the sugar bowl. Pro sugar babies are like veterans in the field. They know what you want and how to get what they want from you. They know it all!


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