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First Sugar Daddy Date Conversation Tips - How to Make A Great Conversation And Win

It will be very awkward if the conversation stalls at the first sugar daddy date. You have forgotten the topics you rehearsed before, and your sugar baby also doesn't have anything to say, then you two only can be silenced and look at each other awkwardly as well. Luckily, here are some pretty tips about igniting a great first date conversation that help you have a perfect and joyful conversation and even make him want to know more about you.

1. Ask right questions
A good conversation needs a good question to begin with. So you should prepare some interesting and fun questions before going on the first date. Most first dates just like job interviews, they will ask many mundane questions, for example, " What do you do?" "What's your favorite movie?" "Have you been on this dating site/app long?"

Although these basic questions could help you get to know about your sugar daddy quickly, don't fire off these questions in a row! It might make your c…