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Downsides of Dating a Sugar Daddy

So, we have seen some of the perks of being involved in the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship.
Well, yeah, dating older men for money can be so much fun and rewarding. But that does not mean there are no disadvantages to it.
Before you hop in that ride, think about these few points and decide if it something you can leave with or not.
1. You Might Suffer from too Much Control from Your Sugar Daddy Meeting with the wrong person can be hell. These sugar daddies are usually top notch in their various fields and they want you to come with them to every party or event. Girl, you have got little to no opinion on this. You must be available when he needs you regardless of whatever you have going on outside of the sugar relationship. This is one of the discouraging factors especially for ladies who are very busy. Your sugar daddy gets to control virtually everything in the relationship – your look, the time to meet, the places to travel to, the events to attend, and on goes the list.
2. You Mig…